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CASESTUDY: The West Hants Club

Formed in 1926, The West Hants Club is one of the country's finest tennis tournament venues. Boosted by investment from the Lawn Tennis Association in 1994 the club boasts internationally renowned clay courts, an indoor tennis centre, squash courts, gymnasium, fitness studios, indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, and steam room.

The club's heating and hot water were provided by two gas-fired boilers, one of which had recently been upgraded and another that was showing signs of nearing the end of its economic working life. This promoted their energy consultant, Andrew Fletcher of Carbon Control Limited, to look at suitable options that met the demanding operational, financial, and environmental requirements of the club, which included talking to 4CleanTech in cooperation with Biogas Clapton for a PPA-based, gas-fired CHP option.

4CleanTech proposed to remove the end-of-life gas boiler and install a 140kW CHP in the plant room, adjacent to the remaining gas boiler, which would then act as back-up and support the CHP under winter peak load conditions if required. 4CleanTech offered a full turnkey solution from design through specification, installation, commissioning, and full after-sales support and maintenance, all with zero CAPEX from the customer.

"The fact that I didn't really have to be involved other than to agree on the solution and sign the paperwork, tells me all I need to know about 4CleanTech. All their work was carried out to the highest standards and without disruption to the club's staff and members. We are all very pleased with the CHP; we take comfort from being insulated from skyrocketing energy price rises and the monthly reporting and billing process is seamless."

Peter Elviss, CEO of The West Hants Club

"The entire team at 4CleanTech were very competent both technically and commercially and very easy to work with. They understood what was needed and how to provide the most cost-effective solution. COVID-19 presented us all with some unprecedented problems and yet despite this, the project was delivered on time. The club now benefits from increased energy security, discounted electricity and heat, and the CHP will serve them well in the years ahead.I will definitely work with 4CleanTech again and would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my clients."

Andrew Fletcher, Managing Director of Carbon Control

4CleanTech deploys its capital into energy projects, with a particular focus on CHP (Combined Heat and Power) units.

"4CleanTech was positioned to invest in energy projects for companies engaged in the energy transition. Our team has many years of experience in the energy sector, and we look forward to many more investments and to building long-term relationships with our customers."

Guenther J. Schulz, Director of 4CleanTech

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