Farm Biogas 

Farms supply the feedstock with existing farm wastes such as manure and slurry out of which biomethane is produced from the anaerobic digestion process. Income is received under the RHI Tariff Scheme, with the biomethane fed into the gas grid. 


Together with farmers and landowners, we develop and fund farm-based biogas projects. 

Waste Biogas 

The disposal and treatment of biological waste continues to represent a major challenge for the waste industry. For organic substances such as foodstuff of feed industries and substances from agriculture anaerobic digestion is certainly a superior alternative to composting.


We work in collaboration with waste companies and producers to develop and fund biogas projects.  


Biogas Clapton is actively seeking existing AD plants for acquisition with the ultimate ambition of long term projects instead of quick profit asset turnovers. We always look to offer minority share incentives to project partners who are pivotal to the overall success. 

Our extensive experience has allowed us to not only focus on well operated facilities but also on those that are struggling to perform. With a team that is both financially and technically strong we are able to turn around poorly operating plants. 


Our dedicated team will assist you throughout the development process of the AD plant. Through careful site screening, feasibility and site design, the core fundaments central to your plants' success are laid. During the next stage, tenders, contracts and planning permissions are organised. Once these first steps have been established,  our highly experienced team will then handle the construction management as well as gas and electrical grid connections. 

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